About the Thinking Foundation
David Hyerle, Ed.D.

Present Focus: Research on Learning
David is the developer of the Thinking Maps model and author of the primary training resources for implementing Thinking Maps. Presently, David is the Director of Research and Development for DFT and facilitating new applications of Thinking Maps in the field. He is a frequent keynote speaker, author of two A.S.C.D. books focused on visual tools, and developer of a new online course: Visual Tools for Literacy. David is also co-author with Larry Alper of the new leadership guide and training ... Thinking Maps: A Language for Leadership.

This document is used selectively to introduce David at seminars, keynotes, conferences, and other gatherings. This does not include all published writings, keynotes and presentations. David was raised in Berkeley and Oakland, CA. He lives in the Dartmouth College area, in the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire, having moved there when his wife, Sara, began leading the elementary credential program at Dartmouth.
Contact David at davidhyerle@thinkingfoundation.org

B.A. English Literature, U.C. Berkeley (focus on literacy)

Writing tutor in Berkeley Public Schools with the Bay Area Writing Project

K-12 Teaching Credentials, Bay Area Writing Project
Teacher at Marcus Foster Middle School in the Oakland Public Schools (English/social studies) grades 4-8 in collaboration with the Teacher Corps

M.Ed. Urban Education, U.C. Berkeley; Thesis: Thinking through Ebonics

Charter member of the Cognitive Coaching group led by Drs. Costa and Garmston; lead Cognitive Coaching/thinking skills seminars

Created the Thinking Maps model and began leading in-depth seminars on how to use these tools for teaching, learning and assessment

Co-founded the Innovative Learning Group (ILG) and led Thinking Maps trainings exclusively using a whole school professional development model

Visiting Scholar, Harvard School of Education

Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction, U.C. Berkeley; dissertation research:
Thinking Maps as Tools for Multiple Modes of Understanding (personal, interpersonal and social understandings)

Became board member for Educators for Social Responsibility and was board chairperson from 1994-98

Thinking Maps: Tools for Learning is written by David and published by ILG: first comprehensive Thinking Maps professional development guide

ASCD publishes David’s book, Visual Tools for Constructing Knowledge, which is now in the hands of over 160,000 educators worldwide

Designs for Thinking, a research, systems change, and professional development group is founded by David as an R & D “wing” of I.L.G.

ASCD publishes A Field Guide to Using Visual Tools, David’s second book, which fully documents the effectiveness of Thinking Maps

A milestone: ILG announces that over 3,000 whole schools from New York
City to Singapore have implemented Thinking Maps over the past decade

David co-writes and co-presents the first leadership training using the tools:
Thinking Maps: Leadership in a New Language

Scholar in Residence for Leadership and Learning, Plymouth State College

“Student Successes with Thinking Maps” which fully documents the theory, research and results of Thinking Maps is published by Corwin Press; Edited by David Hyerle, Sarah Curtis and Larry Alper

David is a keynote speaker with Dr. Art Costa for a conference
on thinking in Auckland, New Zealand; David presents Thinking Maps at the
International Thinking Conference in Melbourne, Australia

Thinking Maps, Inc. publishes "Thinking Maps: A Language for Leadership",
co-written by Larry Alper and David Hyerle and begin conducting leadership training

2007 Looking Ahead
David will present the research on Thinking Maps and the leadership work at the annual
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development in Anaheim, CA (March)

Corwin Press will publish the 2nd Edition of David's book, "A Field Guide to Using Visual Tools"